On the 30th of January, our WCC Detroit-based Global Missions team had its first visit to the Flint Food Bank’s Soup Kitchen, which is headed by Carol Conrad, to hand out food and other necessities.

The team is moreover planning on visiting the Soup Kitchen on a weekly basis, or as required.


A replenishment goal has been set, which includes the realization of a web- and social media campaign aimed at raising funds for the replenishment of water bottles.

This goal was set after Mr Terry Nicks, who oversees the distribution of water to the Food Bank, stated that although the current water supply is sufficient, support may be needed to replenish the stock in three months’ time.


Our long-term goal is to connect with our Ambassadors of Change, based in New York, and to determine a strategy on how to influence the Flint City officials to return the water supply to the Detroit system.

Creflo Dollar Global Missions will supply fruits and vegetables that are rich in zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin C, which will help counteract the effects of lead in the body. We will also provide sufficient water supplies/water bottles.


Proportion of children with above-average lead levels in their blood has doubled

Water from the Flint River was found to be highly corrosive to the lead pipes still used in some parts of the city

The water is unsafe for bathing and is not safe to drink


Health effects of lead levels this high can include high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems, kidney damage and memory and neurological problems


Water sampled in 271 Flint homes last summer and found that some contained lead levels high enough to meet the EPA's definition of "toxic waste"

Levels as low as 5 ppb can be a cause for concern


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