Alone in London

Number of People Ministered to

Given over 4,000 advice sessions to over 1500 vulnerable young people at our drop-in centre in Kings Cross and provided a further 5,000 young people with advice over the phone. Events Performed.

Events Performed

Resolved the immediate housing crisis of 95% of young people, assisted 228 young people secure their legal rights, provided 57 young people with a safe and secure place to live.


A Letter From Alone in London to Creflo Dollar Global Missions

Dear Mr. Howell,

Alone in London

I write to you for your extremely generous donation of £13,259.

Such a substandial sum will contribute magnificently towards the cost of the help and advice that we provide to young people in crisis.

With unemployment rising dramatically now, our Young People Services are seeing an increase in the number of young people running away from home, particularly given that unemployment and debt are key causes of family conflict. Your magnificent support will most certainly help us meet that demand.

I am very happy for you to send to your supporters a link to Alone in London's website. However, we are currently undertaking a review of both our website and our Young People Services leaflets. I look forward to sending you copies in the near future.

With regard to footage of our work, we do not have such at present. However, I am able to enclose a copy of our Behind Closed Doors DVD together with the complementary teacher handbook. Funded by corporate sponsorship, this is a critical part of our highly regarded schools based prevention project.

On behalf of the young people that your donation will help, thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Anne Anketell
Managing Director

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