Effective Aid International

Effective Aid International

2007 - 2014


Effective Aid International is an Australian based Christian Humanitarian Aid Organization dedicated to address the poverty, inequality and crises facing so many people in our global community. Our current major focus is in the region of eastern Burma known as Karen State. This is the traditional homeland of the Karen people, an ethnic minority group of more than 4 million people who have been struggling against the aggressive suppression of the Burmese Military government for almost 60 years. It is estimated there are more than 650,000 Karen living as internally displaced people within Karen State and a further 120,000 living in refugee camps just inside the adjacent Thai border regions. The latter are numbered among the longest-term refugees in the world with many having lived in these camps for more than 20 years. The Burmese military continue their aggression in a manner that is most commonly described as “ethnic cleansing”. They build roads to infiltrate the region and thereby cut off villages from the opportunity of escape. They then burn villages, take young people captive to use as forced labor to build the roads and use crop destruction, land mines, rape, torture and indiscriminate killing as a means of domination and control.

Working mainly on the Thai-Burma border, Effective Aid International is a non-profit organization, with projects primarily focused on assisting people affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Burma. We also direct assistance towards the abandoned or orphaned children in North Thailand

Through provision of emergency aid and the education and development of children, our purpose is:
  • To alleviate poverty, suffering and distress
  • To provide food, clothing, shelter, health care and education to people in crisis in the world’s developing countries
  • Protection and/or removal from danger for those in immediate crisis
  • Practical Leadership development programs delivered to people in key positions within the communities of developing nations
  • Provision of education to young people who are denied this right by reason of political instability, poverty or lack of opportunity

There are currently more than 1,300 students enrolled in our three refugee schools. All our teachers are Christian and participate in an ongoing program of Christian development as well as developing their teaching skills. Effective Aid International is totally responsible for funding these schools. All our teaching and support staff are refugees themselves and receive a monthly wage. We also house and provide for more than 150 students in dormitories, all of whom are either orphans or the children of families still living within Burma in regions where they have no access to education.

Creflo Dollar Global Ministries has already through previous donations helped to support with medical aid and education for the children in the schools in the refugee camp.

Maela Senior School has 136 senior students and 18 teaching staff that hold tertiary qualifications. A computer classroom was fitted out and equipped with computers following a generous donation from the Creflo Dollar Ministries Asia Pacific office.