Be part of change

21 April 2018

National Community Day is a Creflo Dollar Global Missions initiative through which members of partner churches across the world are encouraged to dedicate one day to make a practical impact on their communities.

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Community members interacting with the public


Every year, we encourage our people to serve their communities in a very practical way. Together we can clean up various parts of our cities and serve those who need it most. Our mission is to show that we not only care for our people but that we want to bring about real change.

Community members collecting trash


Last year hundreds of people participated in various activities including the clearing of gutters, the cleaning of school facilities, feeding the homeless, and cleaning the streets.

A mature female community-member


Everybody is invited to be part of the change in our communities! Bring your family and friends along and join us.

Bring about real change.

We're inviting everybody who wants to make a positive impact on their community to join us!