COMMUNITY DAY 2018 - Asia Pacific

COMMUNITY DAY 2018 - Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

We started the morning out in prayer as a team and then got stuck into cleaning up the community in the North Burleigh Gold Coast region.

It was amazing to see how every small amount of help to our community, can help it to be a cleaner and safer place for all.

We picked up many bottles, rubbish and cigarette stumps on the beach, up on the hill, in the park and picnic area. We were astounded to see the amount of litter in the area. This area is very well known for families who come out for morning /afternoon picnics, youngsters who come out to surf, athletes who sprint up the famous hill, people who walk up the hill to the lookout point and have a coffee.

After the clean-up we headed back over to our spot where we had a CDM banner up along with a sausage sizzle stall (an Australian community food type – a piece of bread, with friend onions and a sausage on the slice of bread folded in half) and some water and cold drink.

We walked up to individuals and groups of people and offered them a free sausage sizzle and drink. We had the opportunity to speak to various types of people, Christians and non-Christians about CDM, CDGM and the reason for our community day.

A couple who were sitting on a bench was approached and they explained how they are in a tough situation and need to hear God more than ever, we had the privilege of telling them that the broadcast on 9Gem Mon-Fri7am will change their lives and that God will speak to them via the broadcast in the areas they need Him to answer them that they are battling in. They are excited to get to see the broadcast this week. We also provided them our contact details should they want to be in contact or require any prayer.

We also met a lovely elderly lady who celebrated her birthday. We all sang Happy Birthday to her, she was so blessed and felt special. Her husband took photos of this special moment.

A group of young people came out to play games and were elated when we told them to come over to our stall to get some free sausage sizzles and drinks – they could not believe we were giving anything away for free. It really touched them and they were extremely grateful.

We interacted with kiddies who came along with their mommies to play in the park and they enjoyed the free sausage sizzle.

We met a lady who came for a morning run on her own, whose husband works all over the world and is currently on a contract here in Aus. – she was so blessed to learn about Dr. Dollar and CDM and the community day we held. She said she will be looking out for the broadcast on the television.