Total Emails in Database 76


Total Attendees at Community Fellowship 167


Total Issues Addressed 29

Our focus is political awareness

Providing communities with information

The Mission and Reason:

The mission of the “WCC-CIC” Program is to provide communities with information and a forum to discuss legislation or issues that effect their community. It is our belief that through the “WCC-CIC” Program, we will be able to provide fellowship and information to community members that allow them to become more informed citizens. We believe that more informed citizens are better equipped to implement change in the communities around them.

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Our community involvement coalition goals

These are our goals and we need your help!

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Register 50 Members into the WCCI-CIC database

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Establish strong relationship with local community entities

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Provide impactful exposure to the Grace Message

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Provide ongoing contact with program members

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Assist members with community service projects

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Implement actions to affect legislation in community

This is how:

Locations will hold monthly Community Involvement Fellowships to address new legislation and current bills within their community about their focused issues. Locations will send out monthly newsletters to keep community members up to date on new developments and inform them on community initiatives that they can be involved in.

Who do we reach?

Women and men all ages
Program lifecycle 12 months

Some of our other programs…

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ReachBack Program

The mission of the “Reach Back” Program is to provide Christian extracurricular activities to college students, as well as mentorship to area youth.

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Help 2 Hire Program

The mission of the “Help 2 Hire” Program is to provide food to the homeless as well as assist them in getting jobs while extending the message of Grace.

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H.O.P.E Program

The mission of the “H.O.P.E” (Helping Overcome Poverty Effectively) Program is to provide women and girls (this can also be utilized for men) with the tools needed to begin their own businesses and sell their products.

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