Thailand Empowerment Campaign 2016

Thailand Empowerment Campaign 2016


We are Back

View the Thailand Empowerment 2016 Campaign Mission Update here.

Destination Thailand

Our US & Asian Pacific CDGM departments, in association with Effective Aid and Destiny Rescue International, will be launching its annual campaign as we embark on another empowering mission’s trip to Thailand from 28 February until 1 March 2016.

Our Mission

Our focus is on alleviating the need for education for the children of Thailand. Through education, we help develop the minds of the children as well as introduce the word of God into their lives. When the Word of God is introduced in Thailand, it is introduced to their homes, villages, and communities. Christian education is at the center of this. Therefore, through the Cause Education program, we can see minds and lives changed, and ultimately, their world’s changed. This year we are adding Destiny Rescue International Centre to our schedule. This will give the team a good opportunity to visit the Centre along with a visitation to local schools and churches in the area. As a part of the Prestige Ministry initiative, a site visit will be conducted in Bangkok where we will minister at their girls’ homes as well as visit the Red Light District. The team will moreover take the girls gift shopping.

Let’s Make a Difference

Education can break the cycle of poverty. We aim to provide basic school supplies, and between 60-100 laptops to existing schools, orphanages, and refugee camps.

Medical Kits
Your donation will help equip the Creflo Dollar Global missions team to provide the necessary medicine for the children in orphanages and rescue camps.

Food, Clothing and Hygiene Kits
In addition to supplying much needed food, our goal is to provide clothing and distribute hygiene kits to the children.