We won't go without you

If you send us....we will go. There are lives to be changed around the world and a difference to be made. This month, we've decided to make that difference by using our hands and our voice and the love that God has placed in our hearts to help hurting people in Haiti and South Africa. Our belief is that God did not create any person to suffer and live in despair and we're determined to tell this world that God's grace is sufficient on every continent, in every country and for every person.



He'll go to Haiti and bring school supplies with him. While he's there, he'll share God's grace with orphans through sports camps and outreaches. Paige is a devoted husband and Father of 3, and has spent time serving in Haiti and India and at our Children's Ministry. He was working in relief clinics in Haiti months after the earthquake in 2010. He's helped build orphanages and remove rubble. He's a veteran missionary whose heart burns with a passion to be a blessing to people everywhere he goes.


She'll go to Haiti and minister love and compassion to women affected by gender based violence. Gypsy's been to Haiti five times...she was on the very first team we sent to Haiti and has served faithfully as a missionary ever since. Gypsy's held children's hands as we walked to church along dusty roads in Haiti and handed out food parcels in rural Thailand. Her heart is to serve and to be a tangible representative of Jesus Christ wherever she goes. She brings a smile, an encouraging word, and a belief that every single person she meets is loved by God. If you send her...she will go.


She'll go to Haiti and share the gospel of grace with students at a nursing academy. Gwen is an educator in her everyday life. She's never been to Haiti but she's excited to go and use what God has given her to be a blessing to others. Gwen's spent almost every weekend since late August helping build a house for a single Mom in Austell and now she's about to take the gifts and grace God has given her to Haiti. She'll share how God's grace isn't limited by location and His grace is relevant in every part of our lives. Just like she's been a blessing to students in Atlanta...she'll be a blessing to students in Haiti. If you send her, she will go.


She'll go to Haiti and share with women that they are beloved. Frances will take her experience as a Mom and entrepreneur with her to a program in Haiti that is developing a micro economy to help single Moms and young people create and sustain businesses. Haiti has held a special place in her heart for almost 40 years. She's prayed for the country, made donations, sent supplies and helped pack and send 8 missions teams there. This will be her first time seeing the place that has been in her heart for so long.


She'll go to Haiti and share with every person she encounters that they are loved by God. Donna knows that the simplest of things can make the biggest differences. While Donna is in Haiti she'll let orphans, high risk youth and women who've been abandoned know that God loves them deeply. She has spent her life demonstrating the belief that a hug, smile and words of kindness are at their core evidence of God's love in the earth. Whether it's her husband, 5 children, 14 grandchildren or orphans on the island of Jamaica, Donna knows that she is a vehicle for God's love. If you send her...she'll go.


He'll go to Haiti for the first time and will bring with him the simple, but powerful message for every person he encounters...Jesus loves them. This will be Josh's first missions trip, but the devoted husband and Father of one young son (who will be a big brother soon!) is excited about sharing the message of grace that has transformed his life. Josh has a heart to serve and knows that if the Orphans and at risk youth he ministers to get an understanding of God's grace and believe that He loves them...their lives will be transformed. Send him...he'll go.


She'll go to South Africa and minister the message of grace in word and deed. In shelters, she'll give care packages and share words of wisdom and compassion with women who need to know God loves them. Crysta started her missions journey in Haiti in 2011. She's served orphans and built orphanages there and served women in Canada and now...if you'll send her...she'll be in South Africa making a difference and demonstrating God's love.


She'll go to South Africa and let women know that they are valued and cherished by God. Through outreach, she'll minister to women in need of practical care and will spend her time telling them the Good News...they are loved by God. Sadie's been to Haiti and she's built orphanages and delivered school supplies and removed rubble...now she's on her way to South Africa. If you send her...she'll go.

We're a part of a World Changing Nation

A Nation of Believers who know that God's grace isn't just a message or a movement...it is THE gospel. Whatever we do...we do it because you've joined us...because you sent us we can go...we'll continue to go and take this Gospel around the world. Together we can demonstrate who our God is and what He's all about. Send Us...We'll Go!

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