Back to School Brooklyn Event

Back to School Brooklyn Event

27 August 2017


We had an opportunity to bless parents and single mothers with bookbags and school supplies.

This event I believe helped to lessen the burden on families that have a difficult time providing for their children for this upcoming school year.

All the children had a great time during this event. Not only did they receive school supplies but also enjoyed games and fellowship with one another.

It showed everyone that our ministry cares about the families in Brooklyn.

A significant moment that took place during this event had to be when one of the children who received a bookbag that was donated had an extra surprise in it. The young boy discovered an envelope with money inside! Not only did he receive supplies to help with his upcoming school year, he also received some cash on the side to assist with anything he would need or want.

We are grateful for this event taking place and all the families that we were able to assist in making their children’s school year a success!