Back to School - Tallahassee

Back to School - Tallahassee

7 August 2016

Tallahassee, FL

We strategically hosted our Back to School event on a Sunday because we know that it is most important to get fed spiritually. It was also our "All White Sunday" and visitors were able to witness our connectivity with the "World Changers Nation!" After service, we enjoyed pizza, chips, cookies, and beverages. We also distributed 31 backpacks to students in elementary, middle, and high school essentially blessing over 26 families!

Our impact

This event impacted the local community by relieving some of the financial burdens associated with back to school expenses.

This event was significant because it provided an opportunity to witness to the "spirit, soul, and body" of the local families in the Tallahasee, Florida area. They received the word of God taught with simplicity and understanding (SPIRIT). They received prayers of salvation, healing, and a successful school year (SOUL). They received lunch and some of the necessary supplies for school, which ultimately relieved some of the financial pressure associated with back to school expenses (BODY).

Event highlight

There were several impacting moments during this event. First and foremost, the message taught by Pastor Dollar changed the lives of those in attendance. It was evident by several people receiving prayer, expressing an interest in serving, and making a commitment to increase church attendance. Also, we had young children asking for prayer for a successful school year!

Another success

"Service was so good today, I'm gonna have to back and watch it again tomorrow." - D. Gosby (member)

"It's been a year ago today since I was here and I am ashamed that I stayed away for so long. I need to get back to church and start serving again." - K. Williams (member)

"This was so nice. Different, but nice. I will be back to visit. I really enjoyed it." - J. Davis (visitor)

"I know some other families that can use assistance with back to school. I wish they were here." - L. Parker (visitor)