Chennai Missions, India

Chennai Missions, India

1 January 2016

Ammanapakkam village & Mamundor Tribals area in Chennai, India

What was done and how it was accomplished

Chennai city was tormented with rains & floods for almost a month and houses were submerged in waters resulting in crisis for basic needs such as food, drinking water, clothing & shelter. India office distributed 100 dresses that were sponsored to Creflo Dollar Ministries from our partner located in Hyderabad (Ms. Ammu Raj-PTR# 1000560.1) towards Chennai missions. We took the help of another partner (Ms. Eva David -PTR# 881848.1) located in Chennai, to locally visit the flood affected areas and distribute the dresses to the needy.

The impact

Being High donors of CDM ministry, our partners expressed their sincere gratitude to be a part of CDM ministry, as they witnessed in person the ministry’s vision to serve and impact the needy through mission’s relief activities. They blessed CDM and assured their continuous support to CDM ministry.