Fountain of Hope Centre, United Kingdom

August 2012

Sussex, United Kingdom

Creflo Dollar Ministries donated £5,000 ($7,818 USD) to Fountain of Hope.

The donation was able to assist with the building of a two bed-roomed property on farmland given to the charity. The farmland will be used to develop a working farm that will generate income and promote new skills.

Fountain of Hope was set up in 1996 as a vision of a group of young Zambians as they saw the number of children on the streets of Lusaka increasing, - leaving these children destitute and living awful lives.

Their vision is simply to enable children to enjoy their rights and become responsible citizens. The children they care for are AIDS orphans, from poverty stricken and broken families, and the street children of Lusaka.

They offer more than just food, clothing and shelter.

They offer:
  • A small clinic that looks after their health issues
  • Free education, including computer skills
  • A loving home
  • Spiritual growth
  • Survival skills
  • Sports and recreation
  • Visual art
  • Save lives and help the children find their place in society

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