Freedom Fridayz Back to School Toronto 2017

Freedom Fridayz Back to School Toronto 2017

WCC Toronto partnered with a community group for a Back to School event for children in Toronto’s Jane and Finch Community – a rough and fairly poor neighborhood. Freedom Fridayz provides homework help, sports and activities to the children to keep them off the streets. In collaboration with local businesses, the event provided games, performances, hair styling and food to the attendees free of charge. WCC Toronto presented 60 back packs with school supplies to the children. The families of the children were also given a cd copy of the 2016 Change Conference – Toronto.

For a community of mostly immigrants and low income families who regularly experience gang violence and abuse, the act of giving these bags at no cost to them as an expression of God’s love really conveyed the message of grace in a very practical way.

This event allowed a group of people that are usually neglected and often the subject of a terrible news story to be the center of some positive and intentional care.

We had a mother whose daughter received a back pack earlier in the evening come back to express how grateful they were for the bag as they needed it. The mother was especially thankful for how happy the daughter was as she had really wanted that particular bag.

The people were very receptive to our team showed interest in visiting our church. The weather was great and all the activities went well.