Home Outreach, India

Home Outreach, India

2009 - 2013


We have supported three homes in India namely - Badhrachalam, Borrampalem, and Yiye Avila, providing aid in rural towns and villages and building homes, providing food, shelter and education to over 300 children. Our support has also included imparting into the community spiritually as well as other basic needs.

Recently we financially contributed to building an irrigation system to one of the properties to enable them to plant crops to provide food and supplies, but will also yield income by farming these crops and selling the harvest to locals.

For many years our Asia Pacific office administered our aid efforts in India. In 2010 our CDM-India office opened, allowing us to expand our outreach efforts in India.

Through the generosity of our partners and friends we are changing children’s lives, one smile at a time.