Honeydew Informal Settlement,  South Africa

Honeydew Informal Settlement, South Africa

8 November 2011

Honeydew, Johannesburg


Creflo Dollar Ministries South Africa identified the need to alleviate the hunger for some of the residents in the Honeydew Informal settlement. This was made possible by the food parcels which were handed out. Although the supply would last for approximately one month we realized that a month of eating would have a positive effect on those who received it. Whilst supplying the physical need of the community, the call to salvation in Jesus would be the main objective. There are various reasons for the lack in this community. Such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Dysfunctional homes
  • Homes run by children with absent parents
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Child pregnancy

Number of families Fed

We were able to reach out to 300 families and more since the year 2010

  • Maize Meal
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Tin Beans
  • Packet Beans
  • Samp
  • Sugar
  • Tin Fish

Response from the Community

The response from this community was one of gratitude which varied from person to person. We served some children who really touched our hearts as we realized they were children ranging from six to ten taking care of their siblings from between baby and five. The grandparents as well as the unemployed parents were overwhelmed at the parcels received. Some comments were “Wow we are going to eat tonight” The response from this community to the call of salvation was phenomenal as the eternity of many was made secure in Jesus.

When and where

26 January 2013, Musina, Limpopo, South Africa Flood Disaster Relief.


The Musina area had experienced excessive flooding during the month of January 2013. As a result of the flooding a warning was issued to people living close to the river banks to evacuate their homes and farms. Hundreds of people were left homeless.

Who came and how many

100 Families

What was done and how it was accomplished

Food parcels for 100 families were prepared and distributed. The food parcels consisted of: Maize, flour, oil, canned beans, pilchards, samp, sugar beans, cooking oil, tomato and onion mix, salt and rice.

The impact

100 families received food parcels and 160 people received Jesus.