Journey with my Girls

Journey with my Girls


We feel now, more than ever, is the time to provide information and resources to women who may feel their options are limited. We are committed to making a mark in the lives of these women – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Join us in our commitment to restoring the dreams and renewing the spirits of hurt, abandoned, and abused women around the world.

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Empowering Change around the Globe

Canada 24-26 Apr, 2015

Project Virtue is devoted to serving the needs of hurting women in Canada. Support our cause as we continue to partner with local organizations that share our passion in seeing the restoration of women.

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South Africa 10-11 Aug, 2015

Violence against women is a major problem in South Africa. The World Health Organization shows that 60,000 women and children are victims of violence in South Africa. Join us as we partner with local organizations and address this issue in the nation by providing shelter, support and skills to women and children who are victims of violent abuse.

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It is through your faithful financial support that we are able to take this message of grace and power around the world and make a tangible difference in the lives of these women and children that need our help.

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