Kenya Empowerment Campaign 2015

Kenya Empowerment Campaign 2015


We are Back

View the Kenya Empowerment 2016 Campaign Mission Update here.

Creflo Dollar Global Missions is empowering change in Kenya! Our mission is to impact multiple local villages and communities through the construction of schools, churches, greenhouses and water wells. In addition to improving the local economy and food production, this outreach is also a long-term support project affording opportunity for evangelism and societal advancement. We believe in the vision of Total Tribal Transformation that is taking place with the Maasai of Kenya.

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We are reaching out

So far we have aided in the building of a church with a cement floor, harvested water from the roofs, dug and built water wells, built greenhouses for creating a profitable economy and provided medical supplies, resulting in quality maternal health care for a local hospital. This is only the beginning of Total Tribal Transformation movement across multiple villages in Kenya.

We have identified Education, Medical Supplies, and Basic Needs as a few areas where our team can have the greatest impact.

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Education - Our goal is to provide basic education in economics and agriculture in more than a dozen villages throughout Naibrobi and Iltilal Kenya; empowering change.

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Medical Supplies - Providing medical supplies such as bed linens, surgical- and experimental gloves, and cotton wool that will assist women and children who come to the local hospital facility that serves up to 200 people on a daily basis.

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Basic Needs: Food & Clothing - Being able to supply basic needs and resources to villages throughout Kenya, extending as far as Tanzania, making an impact and saving the lives of many.

Expand the good


Meeting our goals in Kenya will allow us to minister God’s grace in word and deed. Each are suggested donation amounts to aid in Total Tribal Transformation for one village. Here are ways we can meet the needs of those we minister to:

Donate $40

Hands of Grace Kit

Serves as a starter kit for disadvantaged mothers. Includes supplies such as diapers, wipes, baby food, etc. to meet the basic needs of their newborn children.

Donate $75


It takes $3,000 to supply a village with one greenhouse. The greenhouse allows communities to harvest food that aid in the building and sustaining of it's economy.

Donate $100


The total contribution of $6,000 will lend to the building of a school and church in one village. These buildings provide a place to educate and worship for villagers. Ultimately creating opportunities for families to come together, develop unity among each other, and lending social and communal strength.

Donate $250


To build one well for a village takes $22,000. The wells provide villages with their own supply of clean water, contributing to optimal farming conditions and overall growth and positive development.

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