Khulumeluzulu High School Outreach, South Africa

Khulumeluzulu High School Outreach, South Africa

21 February 2014

Pongola, Kwazulu-Natal

We recently visited a destitute high school in a small village near the Kwazulu-Natal border in South Africa. A school surrounded by dry, uncultivated rural land. The nearest large town is over an hour's drive by local transport. Under extreme poverty both pupils and teachers have become accustomed to below standard living conditions.

The plan and journey to assist

Khulumeluzulu High School in the small village of Mkhwakhweni in Pongola needed our help. Pupils and teachers were in dire need of uplifting and encouragement. Together with our partners, we brainstormed ideas and came up with a plan of action that would provide immediate relief and a valuable benefit to everyone at the school.

Our team drove a bus from the head office in Gauteng to Kwazulu-Natal to provide a helping hand to this high school, and to spread the Word of God. Our mission was clear: We would make a small improvement on the day of our visit leading to a continuing “ripple effect” of positive change.

A day of inspiration and uplifting

On our visit to Khulumeluzulu High School, 1000 people packed the school hall tent. We spent the day spreading encouragement through the Word of God. By the end of the day, every pupil, parent and teacher had made the choice to devote his or her life to Jesus Christ.

Each pupil received a pen and a brand new school bag to protect their books and school supplies. Every teacher received an Overcoming Fear CD by Dr Dollar, a CDGM t-shirt, and a CDM calendar.

One small change; one magnificent difference

We couldn't have made a success of this mission without the faithful support of our partners.

This small change to their lives shifted their world, and will make an impact on every person they come in contact with. Every child deserves safety, education and love. And every person deserves compassion and help when they need it most. By coming together to make a small difference, we can make a tremendous impact on the lives of many.

We invite you to join our chain of change. We're the voice for our family of partners, and we're in the business of caring for, and loving people from all walks of life.