NYC Food Bank

NYC Food Bank

Brooklyn, NY

We all joined the NYC Food Bank in distributing Food to children and their families in an under privileged school in our Brooklyn Community.

Our impact

The NYC Food Bank is always looking for volunteers to serve in their efforts to distribute food to areas in NY. It was a blessing to give food to those in need in our community. Being able to join in with others through this agency that are passionate about feeding our community we were able to make a mark I believe to the others who volunteered from other organizations as well as the community.

This event was significant because it allowed us to join in with an organization that assists in meeting a definite need in the community: Hunger. Which we have learned can go unseen at times.

Event highlight

Although this was not like our other events because we were joining in with another organization, we were able to meet others who volunteered with the NYC Food Bank regularly. We even had an opportunity to share the gospel with one of the other volunteers and pray with them.

Another success

Our testimony about this event would be of how the NYC Food Bank leaders, staff from the school, as well as others who volunteered from other organizations they noticed our Ministry as we volunteered with them. They noticed our unity as we all wore our CDM Global Missions T Shirts. They were asking who we were and what ministry we were a part of. Representatives from the Food Bank let us know of other opportunities they had for us to serve with them in the future. Overall, we believe those that volunteered with us, as well as the children and their families were all blessed by our presence in the community. We are looking forward to serve with them once again in the near future.