National Community Day - Houston

National Community Day - Houston

Houston, TX

Our Global Missions Houston team partnered with Operation Blessing and Power House Katy on April 23, 2016 to offer disaster relief to those devastated by the recent flooding in Brookshire Texas. Our mission began at the home of Henry Mae, a 78 year old elderly woman who lives single in her 1 story, 3 bedroom house. Henry Mea had over a foot of water in her home which left behind wet furniture, carpet, and other personal items that were waiting to mildew. Within a 3 hour period, our team members managed to get all damaged furniture and carpet removed from Ms. Henery’s home. We prayed for her after the work was completed for she is already a saved woman; in return many of our team members were blessed by her life stories and testimonies that she shared. Overwhelmed with joy for our efforts Ms. Henry stated “God is a faithful God and he has always taken care of me. I didn’t know when or how my carpet was going to be removed but I knew it had to be done because it wasn’t good for my health. I know God will make a way to get my carpet replaced because a week ago I didn’t see yall coming and here yall go standing in my house today meeting my needs. Don’t worry about me or anything you seen here today because my God has always taken care of me. No amount can paid for the service yall did here today but I just want to say God bless you all and thank you!”

Our impact

This event made an intimidate impact on the community because many of the families that we blessed did not have flood insurance and the work that was done through volunteers will reduce the expense of repairing the flood damage.

Most of the residents in Brookshire Texas had to travel to Houston and express their concerns to the local news stations in order to be recognized as flood victims. This event was significant in our community because it took place in a remote location that would have been overlooked for disaster relief if we did not show up to help.

Event highlight

One key moment during this event was when our team came together and became the listening platform for Ms. Henry to pour out all of the emotional damage the storm had done.

Another success

Seeing our Global Missions volunteers transform into a demolition team without any training or experience shows the versatility of our servants.