National Community Day - Kansas City

National Community Day - Kansas City

Kansas City, MO

We started at our church (Benjamin Banneker Charter School) and worked our way down towards the shopping area closest to our location. We picked up trash in the grass, road, and parking lots along the way. We also picked up trash in front of a high school (Bishop Hogan) that was near. We also ministered to people as we went.

Our impact

We impacted the community by picking up trash that has been collecting and dropped in front of two schools and in front of several local businesses. People were surprised to see people out in the community, especially seeing people clean-up areas that don't directly impact them.

It was significant to our community because they need to see that someone cares about how things are within the community. They need to see that "church folk" aren't just talk, we are willing to get out and contribute to the cleanliness and beautification of our community. In addition, there were many people that we were able to minister to as they walked through the neighborhood or those who stopped to patronize various businesses. Many didn't know we were in the community. First impressions go a long way! Displaying that we are vested in the community through these efforts will allow those to know that WCC-KC cares. It also helped those who litter become conscious and aware of how those actions actually negatively affect our community.

Event highlight

There were several significant moments that happened during the event. One was, God told me to pay for the next person's gas who entered the gas station. It happened to be a widowed woman raising 4 grandchildren on her own. I told her that I would fill her tank up and she began to cry. She was driving a Ford Expedition and only filled the tank up half way. I asked her does God do anything halfway? I said, fill it up until it overflows! She began to cry even more. I asked if she needed prayer or was dealing with any sickness. She asked for prayer for her family and said she was dealing with high blood pressure. I prayed for her family and commanded her body to be healed. I felt the power of God flow through me and she received her healing. She is a member of another church, but promised that she would come back and confirm that she was healed after she went to the doctor. She thanked me for the gas, thanked the church for being willing to clean the community, and praised God! God is good!

Another success

It was really rewarding to get out and serve our community. Not only were we a blessing to the community and all the many people we spoke with, but it brought us closer together! We were laughing and joking and just enjoyed serving God with one another. I ministered to a young man in a parking lot. As we were wrapping up and getting ready to leave, someone saw that he was having trouble trying to get his car started. Another guy and myself, walked down and ministered to him again. He shared that he and his mother share the car and it was a gift from his grandfather. We told him his car was going to start once we laid hands on it. He got in tried it again, and it started up even before we could lay hands on it! I laid hands on the car prayed for it, declared the word over him and his success in life as a recent high school graduate. It was just a great time serving our community!