National Community Day - Norcross

National Community Day - Norcross

World Changers Church Norcross took 55 volunteers/stewards over to Summeour Middle School in Norcross, GA. We weeded and nurtured the Community Butterfly Nursery at the school. We removed clumps of non-native grasses, pruned saplings and planted butterfly-friendly flowers and caterpillar-approved herbs and shrubs. We also helped to continue to reconstruct a forest loop trail that will be used by the students and the community be clearing the path for plant growth and laying the groundwork for a project that will be down in July by the school. We also put mulch down and watered all the plants that were planted.

Our impact

Impact was made at the middle school because we were able to decrease the time the middle schoolers had to use prepping the garden. Now they can began to plant squash and tomatoes in a faster time period.

It is significant to the community because eventually what is planted will be able to be shared with the Norcross community as whole. The youth will gain planting experience. They will understand the importance of organic food/produce. They will also gain business skills once they start selling and making the vegetables at the school available to the community. It also fosters a peaceful environment for them after exams. It teaches them another skill and another manner in which they can deal with the stress of tests and exams at school, which is to garden.

Event highlight

A significant moment was when the Principal of the school came out with additional snacks for the volunteers and she was thankful and appreciative of what the group was doing as a whole. She told everyone that it was going to make a huge impact to the middle school.

Another success

I enjoyed seeing the children and the young adults get excited about butterflies and watering the plant. I also enjoyed seeing Mr. Alex who is a neighbor of one of our members come out and give myself along with everyone else gardening lessons. He was overjoyed when the community liaison, Ms. Tixie Fowler, allowed him to take a beefsteak plant home in exchange for some of his Calool seeds. They were both very excited about the exchange. I was also excited to see our plant trestles go up as a finished product.