One25 Charity, United Kingdom

August 2012

Creflo Dollar Ministries made a donation of £ 5,000 ($7,869 USD).

One25’s vision is of a community where all women are valued and able to live fulfilled lives without the risk of being trapped in sex work. They hold hope for women when they are unable to do so for themselves. The women often make first contact with One25 through meeting them during outreach. Their van goes out 5 nights per week and provides nutritious food, hot drinks and a chance to talk and get advice in a safe space. Women are given access to a mobile phone to contact emergency hostels, information on ‘ugly mugs’ (perpetrators of street violence), warm clothes, personal alarms, first aid, condoms and more. Once a week experienced staff and volunteers go out on foot to speak individually with the women, especially the younger ones who are sometimes more reluctant to open up on the van in front of others. One25 are committed to increasing support across all areas of the women’s lives: health; housing and finance; addictions; family; life skills and social inclusion; criminal justice and safety. One25 wants to work more closely with other organizations to remove barriers and ensure each woman gets the help she needs. They will focus specifically on fully involving their service users at every level of One25 as well as empowering them to be a stronger voice in the wider community.

In the last year One25 have been able to help the women accomplish the following:
  • 37 women escaped street sex work
  • 72 women started work training
  • 62 women found a safe place to live
  • 60 women reduced drug and alcohol use

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