Pumwani Hospital Outreach

Pumwani Hospital Outreach

August 2014

Nairobi, Kenya

After the Kenya Change Experience which took place in August 2014, Creflo Dollar Ministries South Africa visited Pumwani Maternity Hospital situated in Nairobi. The hospital treats 200 women and children on daily basis.

CDM South Africa supplied the following items to the hospital:
  • 2500 Surgical gloves
  • 2500 Experimental gloves,
  • 1500 Standard bed linens,
  • 10 packets of Cotton wool and
  • 4 5litres of Jik

These medical supply will result in quality maternal health care of the hospital.

The hospital Administrator and Matron were grateful for the offer and advised us that the medical supply will assist women and children who come to their facilities on daily basis.