Rainbow Trust Africa Centre, United Kingdom

Rainbow Trust Africa Centre, United Kingdom

August 2012

United Kingdom

Creflo Dollar Ministries donated £8,000 ($12,510 USD)

The donation given by Creflo Dollar Ministries has been able to assist rainbow trust with continued work they do with the walk-in medical centre. During a typical year over 3000 sick people with malaria are treated.

Rainbow Trust Africa is a UK based charity, it was established in 1996, and its primary aim is to bring help, care, education and development to people in the impoverished areas of Africa.

Rainbow Africa’s operations are centred on a 12-acre site in Livingstone Zambia and at a new site in Muzoka with a staff of 76.

Since 1996 Rainbow Trust has established different areas of need for example:
Since the Charity opened in 1996 major developments have been achieved, here are some of their accomplishments.

  • Centre Activity: the centre enables Rainbow Africa to accommodate and train up to 50 people and educate up to 500 children.
  • Education: Rainbow preschool cares for 100 children. The Kings primary school educates 400 children.
  • Medical Care: the medical centre has a staff of 4 they provide quality health care to the community

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