Thailand, Asia Pacific

Thailand, Asia Pacific

2007 - 2014


Creflo Dollar Global Missions is committed to meeting the needs of the fatherless, forgotten, and helpless around the world. Whether in the United States or abroad, from crowded cities to remote villages, our purpose remains the same: to demonstrate the love of Christ in an impactful, tangible way.

For CDM Asia Pacific our mission in Thailand is practical: demonstrate the love of God by addressing what concerns the people we are ministering to. We’ve identified a few areas where our team can make a big impact: Education, Medical Aid and Providing Food and other Basic Needs.

In both 2012 and 2013 Two members from the Asia Pacific Office came alongside Effective Aid and visited the schools and homes in Thailand. Creflo Dollar Ministries has financially supported this effort in Thailand for the best part of a decade.

In 2014, staff from the Asia Pacific office also teamed up with our U.S.A. mission’s team to provide medical aid, food, sporting equipment & clothing.

We have so many stories to share with you - but to start with, see below some simple stats of what we were able to do in 2014.

  • 144 patients treated
  • 551 Hygiene Kits distributed
  • 365 people received hygiene education
  • 350 food parcels distributed
  • 570 nutritious meals provided
  • 22 Burmese women participated in a women’s health Q&A session
  • 110 pairs of shoes provided for those in need
  • 391 children received prayer
  • 33 children received special prayer
    - 13 were children who lost one or both parents in conflict
    - 18 were children who were Fatherless

Christmas Outreach

Creflo Dollar Ministries Asia Pacific office has consistently provided food parcels to those in need in our local area on the Gold Coast. For the past years, we handed out over $20,000 worth of food packs each year. We hope to be able to distribute even more!

Plus there is nothing quite like seeing the joy on a child’s face when they receive a new toy!!! Partnering with some of the biggest toy stores in Australia for the past 2 years we have been able to provide toys for hundreds of children!


The reactions to God’s love and generosity is so beautiful to witness. This past year the first lady we blessed with a food parcel broke down in tears telling us that she and her husband had to decide that week if they would buy food OR presents for their two children. When we told her that we were giving them food AND presents she was overcome with joy! We thank you partners and friends for supporting with us, to make a mark that will never be erased.