Thailand Empowerment Campaign 2014

Thailand Empowerment Campaign 2014

Destination Thailand

In January 2014, our US based Missions team will deploy to Thailand for the first time! This team will join our Asia Pacific Missions team and Effective Aid International in ministering to the medical, educational and spiritual needs of children, refugees and those affected by the ravages of war. Join us as we demonstrate the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

- Creflo Dollar

Destination Thailand

Our mission in Thailand is multifaceted, with your help our team will be able to improve education, offer convenient access vital medical aid via mobile clinics and provide food and other basic necessities.

Education - Education can break the cycle of poverty. With the generous support of our friends, we will be able to provide basic school supplies and 100 new laptops for students at school, orphanages and refugee camps.

Medical Aid – Our team will treat refugees and orphans who are in dire need of access to medicine and trained medical personnel. As you partner with us, we’ll send medical staff, crucial diagnostic equipment and provide those we serve with the medication they need.

Food, Clothing and Hygiene Kits – As you partner with us, your support enables our team to provide food, clothing for hundreds of children and to distribute 1000 life saving hygiene kits which include basic hygienic items and mosquito nets which provide simple but effective protect against the danger of malaria. With your help we’ll raise the $75,000 needed for this project by December 31, 2013. Creflo Dollar Global Missions is committed to meeting the needs of the fatherless, forgotten and helpless around the world. Whether in the United States or abroad, from crowded cities to remote villages, our purpose remains the same: demonstrate the love of Christ in an impacting, tangible way. We do this with the help of our dear partners and friends-people like you!

Equiping the medical team

We found that having access to a good education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty. This year our goal is to provide basic school supplies for students. We’re also hosting focused camps at local schools and orphanages such as Sports, Arts and Crafts and English classes along with Youth Leadership Seminars.

Hygiene kits

Our Team will distribute 1000 Hygiene kits consisting of dental care items, soap, detergent, sanitizer and malaria preventing mosquito nets as well as Hygiene educational material printed in Burmese/Karen. These kits reduce sickness and save lives!

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