Thailand Empowerment Campaign 2015

Thailand Empowerment Campaign 2015

Destination Thailand

Our US & Asian Pacific CDGM departments, in association with Effective Aid International, have launched its annual campaign as they embarked on another empowering mission’s trip to Thailand in June 2015.

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Our Mission

Since parts of the country have been ravaged by ongoing war, there is little to no infrastructure available to the returning and displaced people. Our mission in Thailand is multifaceted: improving education, offering medical aid, and providing food & supplies.

Make a difference

Our mission is Thailand includes:

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Education - Education can break the cycle of poverty. We aim to provide basic school supplies, and between 60-100 laptops to existing schools, homes, and refugee camps.

Medical kit

Medical Aid - The refugee camps & homes are in dire need of trained medical professionals to treat the people. We are sending medical staff along with much needed diagnostic equipment and medicines that they simply do not have access to.


Food & Supplies - In addition to supplying much needed food, our goal is to provide clothing for hundreds of children and distribute 1,000 hygiene kits containing a range of items, including mosquito nets to protect against the danger of malaria.

Meeting the need through your seed
How you can help
How you can help
How you can help

From our home base in the US to the most remote locations worldwide, our purpose is to demonstrate the love of Christ in an impactful way. Our goal is to raise $75,000 for Thailand.

Hygiene Kits & Medical Aid

During our time in Thailand, we visited Refugee Camps and villages with very limited medical aid. CDGM provided basic medical treatment as well as distributed hygiene kits consisting of dental hygiene, soap, detergent, sanitizer and mosquito nets, as well as educational material printed in Burmese/Karen. These kits can potentially reduce sickness and save lives!


The greatest way to change a child’s future is to provide them with an education! 10 years ago CDGM supplied the first computers to EAI who built the first known computer studies classroom in any refugee camp in the world. During this visit, we are updating their equipment as well as providing additional IT equipment for teacher training.

Donate now

Please join us in our fundraising efforts. No amount is too big or too small. Every seed you sow is sown into good ground and will be used to fulfill our mission of making a mark that can’t be erased.

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