West & South Africa Empowerment Campaign 2016

West & South Africa Empowerment Campaign 2016

Destination South & West Africa


We are Back

View the Africa Empowerment 2016 Campaign Mission Update here.

Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar, in association with their Global Missions team, will be visiting our family in Africa!

They will be ministering the Gospel of Grace and empowering change, by supporting our family in Africa, physically, mentally and spiritually, empowering them to be all that God has called them to be.There are many physical needs too, ranging from food, clothes, shelter, school infrastructure and supplies. We have focused on 3 of our causes, which are Care for Kids, Project Virtue, and Love Thy Neighbor.

Taffi Dollar praying with a fellow woman
Empowering Women & children in Africa

Collage of the South African visits with Pastor Taffi
You can help make a difference

Meeting our goals in West Africa and South Africa will allow us to minister God’s grace in word and deed. Here are ways we will meet the needs of those we minister to:

Maps of South and West Africa and breakdown of cost devisions
Carry the hope

Support Creflo Dollar Global Missions, through purchasing a T‑shirt and one of these Green Initiative Charity Bags. You will be providing hope to children & families in need.

Carry the HOPE for their future, in your hands.

Your donation towards a bag & shirt provides a hungry child with food for 5 days