Kenya Empowerment Campaign 2016

Kenya Empowerment Campaign 2016

View the Mission Update

View the Kenya Empowerment 2016 Campaign Mission Update here.

Destination Kenya

We are blessed to continue to minister to the Masaai tribe, this October, with the continued goal of total tribal transformation, which begins with changing the way women, men and children think about who they are in Christ and by sharing the good news of God’s love and God’s Grace for them.

Our Mission

As we share God’s love and Grace with them, they will be able to minister that same love to one another, thereby affecting their entire household and community changing the way the live. Through teaching them the value of their land, how to farm it and equipping them with water wells, they will not only have a reliable food source, but products and goods to continue to strengthen their local economy.

Let’s Make a Difference

Hands of Grace
We will be providing first aid and hygiene kits to disadvantaged mothers and will also perform hygiene training workshops for women and children, providing them with clean underwear and female sanitary napkins.

Food Distribution
We will be supplying two communities with necessary and basic food items.

School and Church
We will be providing school supplies to children as well as care packages for teachers. We will also distribute Bibles in the Maasai language and doing an outreach in which we will show the Jesus film in areas that have never heard the Gospel before.

Water Well
The project entails digging a borehole for a well, at $40,000 USD, to provide an entire community with their own supply of clean water that contributes to optimal farming conditions, and overall growth and positive development in the villages.